Why we love business (and you should, too)… January 2016 blog

Everyone’s talking about goals! It’s January and it’s a new year, so it is the time to talk goals, to focus on what you want to achieve and go for it. Whether you’re looking at a whopping sales target or some weekly telesales prospecting targets, it’s a good idea to have a plan from the outset but what else do we need to consider, aside from planning? We’ve been reading a few very good blog posts about goals ourselves today, and one thing that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned much is love, joy, and passion!

When you are loving what you do, doesn’t everything just flow, everything goes well, it all slots into place, ideas abound and the right people show up at the right time. It seems to us then at Cre8 that it’s time to reflect and remind ourselves what we love about business, and get those happy juices flowing…..and let’s get those goals sorted!

Being in business allows you to make your own world, make your own magic, and make your own decisions, live by your own values and ethics. Take charge of your life and write your own pages. Every single day is different, an adventure. An adventure every day! Yahoo!

Business is about ideas, lots of them, some work, some don’t. But how much fun is it to try something new and learn something from it whether it works or not. Which brings us to our next item…

Learning and growing
Never is so much learning done as when we’re expanding and trying new things, stretching our comfort zones and getting out there into the world in new ways. When something doesn’t work we try it a different way, learning all the time. We’ve been given so much strength and experience to try new things and become who we are meant to be, how amazing to be constantly growing; it’s what life is all about.

One of our most favourite is all the wonderful people we get to meet, work with and for, people who supply us or vice versa, or who we just get to know. We have made some wonderful friends over the years and after all, it’s the people that really matter to us all.

Helping others is our passion, and being in business gives us the opportunities, over and over, to do just that. Whether it’s a client or a contact, we love being able to make a difference in whatever way we can. One of our philosophies for business is “making lives better” and in 2016 we’re going to be doing a lot of this!

Inspiration and role models
We’ve discovered a lot of people who inspire us, some famous, some ordinary people, and it’s an endless fascination for us to find out about these people, to ooh and aah at their achievements and outlook on life. And, we hope we are role models for our children too, demonstrating that they can be whoever they want to be, that they can follow their dreams and that anything is possible. Knowing we are living this for them is a tremendous source of happiness and inspiration for us.

We are lucky at Cre8 to be two best friends, of almost 30 years now, soul sisters who are sharing this journey together. Happy, happy days.

It’s been inspiring for us to reflect on all of this and we hope it helps you reflect on your business or job, and goals, and on what makes you happy. Getting into happy mode really does help us create and achieve the lives we want.

Happy New Year to you all and here’s to a wonderful year.

Cre8 use a variety of tools and techniques to get into happy mode and offer training courses to help you do just that. If you’d like any more information please get in touch with us on 0121 347 6601.