What’s your sales process?

How often do you review the steps you take from meeting a prospect, through to quoting and on to conversions? Do you spend a lot of time quoting, and wonder why conversions seem difficult to achieve? Are you giving away your knowledge for free before you even get to close a sale? Your sales process is a fundamental tool, so if you’re focusing on finding leads, don’t forget this important part of the picture. Evaluate what you do during every stage and see where you can 1) save time 2) stop giving away your ideas, whilst still demonstrating your expertise and 3) increase sales.

  1. Have a blueprint or template proposal that you tweak for a new prospect, so you’re selling a similar product or service, made bespoke for your potential customer every time, but don’t get into the detail, until they’re over the line.
  2. Share case studies that demonstrate what you’ve done before for other clients, in similar or comparable markets, but DON’T share all your ideas and the HOW of what you’d deliver. So often what we’re selling seems so much like second nature that we don’t perceive its full value, and will give it away, without realising that this is the gold dust that the customer would be willing to pay for.
  3. Elaborate on your expertise – don’t just say “We make apple pies” say “We use the juiciest and freshest apples from a local Herefordshire farm, and we’ve been baking unique artisan products for over 30 years, so you get the best pies around”. Again this comes down to perceiving our own value, and really shouting about it from the rooftops. You know, it really is more than OK to say that you’re bloody great!

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