SEO – love it or hate it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something businesses will spend a lot of money on in 2018, and many have allocated large budgets. For some industries SEO is easier than others, but we all need to plan our own activity to impact how Google sees our websites.

We’ve recently spoken with a few people with differing views on Google +, some say it’s a waste of time, others that it’s hard to use, no one looks at it, etc., so a lot of the views are actually quite negative.

Whilst we don’t purport to be SEO consultants, in any way, we do have our own experience of reaching page 1 of Google for some of our search terms, and this for purely organic activity.  One of the tools that we believed has worked was Google+.

We once paid a lot of money for SEO which had little to no impact on our then page 14 position. So we stopped paying and upped our own game.  Here are some of the steps we took.

#1 Write a monthly blog and newsletter, and put them on your website. Share that blog and news across all your social media platforms, make sure your key words are in there – in other words make it genuine content.

#2 Have a Twitter strategy, have a corporate and a personal account if that’s relevant, using the former to tweet more business info and details and the latter to share who you are.  Tweet a lot and share your material regularly.  Re-tweet other people’s tweets, help others. Embed your tweets in your website.

#3 LinkedIn is a great way to network online so always share all your content here too and most importantly connect with and engage with others.

#4 Use hashtags in your shares, Google loves a hashtag.

#5 Google+ is a good tool in your armoury.  It may not be something people view/look at, but Google does recognise the posts as new content, so it’s more grist to the SEO mill.  Google offer a lot of help and guidance, if you want more info from them take a look

Having taken these simple steps above, we’re on page 1 for some of our key search terms and receive regular enquiries from Google.  None of this is rocket science, rather it is consistent and genuine activity that Google recognises as such.  It doesn’t cost anything but your time either!

In September 2017 we began working with a new client, a print management company based in Birmingham. They asked us to help them  with their sales structure & strategy, social media, data and telemarketing. When we started working with them they were on page 9 of google in most of their searches; after thoroughly planning their campaign and helping them organically build their SEO, we’re delighted to say they’re now on page 1 of google.

If you’d like any more information about how to increase your page ranking or other marketing ideas, please get in touch with us on 0121 347 6601.