Selling without selling

There’s a bit of a buzz about pitching, that elusive 60 second wonder pitch that delivers it all in a nutshell, that elevator pitch that elevates you above the competition. It’s true to say that you must be able to eloquently, succinctly and clearly articulate what it is that you do, and particularly how you do it differently, how you can help people.  But just how important is it to be real and authentic?  Can this be what the customer really really wants to see?

At Cre8 we don’t sell by selling.  We actually truly sell by getting to know people, and letting them get to know us.  To sell in this way you’ve got to let go a little, let go of getting the results, focus on the long game, and get to know people.  When you do this, you will naturally attract and sell to the right people, where you are a fit for each other, which means the business will go smoothly and will be win win.

A few months ago we paid a very small amount of money to exhibit at a Black Country Chamber event in Walsall, during Walsall Business Week.  At the event we met two people who own a training company.  We chatted and laughed on the stand. We did not pitch to them.  A couple of weeks later one of the owners visited us at the office, we chatted and laughed.  Each of us asked lots of questions, not just about business, about people’s backgrounds, what we’d done before, why we’d got started in business. We laughed quite a lot, we got on.  We did not pitch. After the meeting we sent a case study of some similar work we’d done before.  We did not pitch, nor did we ask for the business.

A few weeks later both owners visited us again. And the person who’d visited us previously told us something along these lines; “I’ve met so many people over the years in your line of business, giving me the pitch and the hard sell, and I didn’t want to work with any of them.  You two are so different, you didn’t try and win my business, you were just nice and I was able to get to know you.  I trust you”. His business partner commented that he had “really sung our praises”. You know really, in the end, sales is easy, when we stop striving and trying and we focus on building good relationships.

No one wants to be sold to, people want to understand if you can help them and know if they like you and can trust you.  A bit of a pitch at the outset can be good, but then use this simple process of letting go and letting people get to know you.

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