Selling more simply by being your authentic self.

When you’re in business it can be easy but distracting to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. We may end up feeling that imitation is the way forward or that one way is the only way for success to follow. It’s actually a difficult route that is far from easy and makes the journey rather more of a struggle.

A sales person who is chatty, informal and friendly on the phone, hears his colleague generating leads by being more formal, less chatty, and maybe more technical. He assumes that this is way he also needs to be, and then begins questioning his own technique, using his energy on this comparison instead of the task in hand. A sales trainer who is very chatty and bubbly and uses humour in his approach, tells his pupil that this is the way to make sales. The truth may be quite the opposite depending on who is being trained and what their style is. Someone who is naturally quiet, formal, detailed or technical in their approach will generate leads when they allow this genuine authentic approach of their own way to shine through. Someone who is chatty, friendly and informal in their approach will generate leads when they allow their genuine, authentic approach to shine through. Each way is correct and will win the right business, sales or clients that suit that style. If you go against your natural style, you will feel uncomfortable and ultimately this is what the person you’re selling to is going to pick up on.

In business, when we compare ourselves, we may assume others are achieving more or doing something that we ought to be, and then begin to imitate the methods on show. This can result in wasted time and energy and winning clients that are not right for the business, because by not being totally authentic, you’re not really allowing people to see who you truly are. You’re likely going to lose the right clients and win the wrong ones.

We all have a light to shine, each and every person and each and every business. Comparison and imitation are totally unnecessary. We want to give ourselves the best chance of winning the right business, by focusing our efforts on how WE best operate, maybe with the odd pat on the back for a job well done and our own unique talents, rather than looking at what we’re not.

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