Does being nice have a place in your sales teams?

There are a lot of negative ideas about sales people, and the sales profession in general.

I’m guessing you’ve experienced the sales people who:

  • Talk at you and don’t listen or ask you any questions
  • Won’t take no for an answer
  • Go straight from hello to sales pitch without drawing breath
  • Haven’t done their research
  • Want to sell you something you don’t really need

But have you met the “sales person” who says “I’m not really a sales person”, “I’m no good at sales patter” or who is really, really likeable and you just want to buy from them, even when you don’t really need what they’re selling?  These are the people who really listen, and care about the solution that YOU need, not the solution that they have to sell.

When we talk about sales, and sales training the N word (NICE) is not often mentioned.  And yet, it’s nice people we like to buy from. Nice, normal people who we could chat with down the pub, or who we want to open to and want to help.

Everyone has NICE in them, but a lot of sales training can advocate specific methods, techniques and ideas that don’t encourage people to be themselves, because they’re so busy focusing on their process, they’re not listening to what’s really being said.  When we stop being who we truly are, the nice part of us can become a little hidden away and difficult to spot. And, when we’re not being authentic and genuine we’re uncomfortable, which is easy for others to pick up on subconsciously, putting barriers in the way of our success.

It’s some of these sales ideas that have NICE people believing they’re no good at sales, or don’t have the right sales patter. But the truth is that being NICE is far more important than your sales pitch.  If you’re kind, you listen, you aim to help and you’re selling genuine solutions when they’re a fit, people will instinctively want to buy from you. No sales pitch required 🙂

So when we think about sales at Cre8, and when we recruit people for our team, we’re looking for nice people who like helping and who go the extra mile. Because these people care about the customer, and this means the customer loves them.  This equates to more sales all round.

I’ll have a double helping of nice with that please!

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