At the beginning of every year, Julia and Tracy, MD’s of Cre8, have a planning session, where they plan their goals and vision for the coming year. This year they decided to don their walking boots and head off to The Clent Hills to see if being out in the fresh air would provide them with the inspiration they needed to plan the year ahead. Whilst walking they talked about how much they would like to set up a networking group, this wasn’t the first time they had discussed it; it had in fact been something that they had discussed many times but hadn’t quite got to grips with what type of networking group they wanted to form. What they did know was that they wanted it to be informal and for people to feel comfortable – as big advocates of being yourself the group had to be a place where the attendees could be just that! And, this is where our Netwalking group was born. Netwalking events combine business networking, walking and talking in the great outdoors! It’s not just about exchanging business cards, it’s about building real relationships and helping each other. We meet once a month currently, in The Clent Hills, Stourbridge, we walk 3-4 miles, stop for warm drinks along the way and then some of us stay for a lovely lunch at The Vine Inn The only cost is lunch. We would love you to join us? Netwalking, the healthy way to network!