Myth busting…summer’s not a good time to call

Time to bust a common myth. There’s no point calling or trying to sell to people during July and August / the summer / school holidays. Really? Are we seriously saying that the world stops turning because the kids have broken up from school? Is there ever a good time to call?

The core service from Cre8 Sales is lead generation, and one of our key tools is making calls.  It’s not the only tool but it is the main one, so as you can imagine, we make a lot of calls. And we can tell you, there is no bad time to call.

It can take legwork and often a number of calls, before you get hold of a decision maker.  You could call on a Wednesday afternoon, you could try at different times over a number of weeks and they may not be available – they’re out, in meetings, or too busy to speak with you.  This week we were ringing some hard to contact decision makers, Managing Directors, and we’d tried them a number of times before.  It’s very firmly the school holidays just now, with many people saying “No point calling now!”

In 3 cases, on one particular campaign, the Decision maker answered the phone himself.  These are all people we’ve been trying to get hold of for some time. So this is one day, in July, and we got straight through!  It’s likely that this is because they have staff on holiday so it’s all hands on deck.  Good news if you’re making sales calls because the job just became a whole lot easier.  Each one of them was friendly and open and one is a potential lead. We could have said well we won’t call during July and August, and come September, we’d still have been trying and not succeeding to speak with them.

So there is no good or bad time to call. There are just calls to be made, and it doesn’t matter when you make them.  You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say!  For us calling is about persistence and perseverance, being authentic and well prepared for a conversation.  If you can balance this with great, well researched data, you’re onto a winner.  That’s a whole lot of leads for our customers this week then!

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