If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake

It was the end of school terms everywhere, up and down the country busy mums and dads were making cakes for school summer fairs…well, we were anyway! Julia’s boys are pictured below with their effort, enjoyed by everyone who bought a slice.


Making a cake is not so different to making sales when you think about it. Essentially, if you get the ingredients and the method right, then placing it in the oven to bake is the easy part. The very best and most successful campaigns we operate for our clients have the same key ingredients – great data, often researched and created by us, and a great product. When you have these two elements firmly in place, email and telemarketing, or lead generation, is simple and produces great results.

Everyone in business is busy, it’s tempting to say “Oh just buy a list and make some calls”, but these lists when purchased will contain a lot of irrelevant data that isn’t really right for your product or service. When you research a list, using the web and LinkedIn to create a targeted and very specific list, yes, you have some leg work up front, but look at all the time you are saving later on during calls – less calls, less spend on calls, more appointments and leads because you are calling the right people.

There’s no such thing as a shortcut? Well in some places and business processes there can be, and no doubt more will be discovered and invented as we progress further in this digital age. But, just as making a cake, there’s no substitute for plain old elbow grease sometimes! If you have a great product or service and would like to know more about our baking skills, or lead generation campaigns, please get in touch with us on 0121 347 6601.