It’s got to be perfect

How many of you would love to blog but worry about your grammar? How articulate you sound and your spelling?
Or how many of you blog and then sit there over analysing what you have said or what others will think and then don’t publish it?

I can put my hand up to all of these! Some of the things that go through my head are, should there be a comma there, should this be a new paragraph, have I spelt that correctly and what if people think it’s rubbish or not professional enough! Well you know what enough, enough of that voice in my head that tells me it’s got to be perfect! ( there’s a song in there somewhere) If our blogs help just one person then we’ve done an amazing job!

I was inspired to write this blog by a few things/people/events so here goes.

  • My son was diagnosed as dyslexic at the age of 7, we were told English wouldn’t be his subject and to focus on maths, and yes he’s good at maths but 9 years later he got 2 b’s one in English language and one in English Literature, apart from it being a proud Mum moment, he did it his way ( another song there) he learnt from watching videos, not your traditional way to revise but it worked for him, well done Chaz!
  • I recently read a blog post by Constance Hall she blogged about the grammar police and how as a child she hated school as she couldn’t read or write like the other kids in her class. She is now a successful author, has a following of over 240k followers on instagram and has a successful blog page.
  • A conversation with a fellow business owner, he said he over analyses his writing, and always asks his amazing assistant to check it all for him before he dares to release it to the world (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean) why is his assistant more amazing than him?! We’re all amazing, each and every one of us.
  • Myself, yes me! When I was in high school I got the highest marks in my year in ‘O’ level English (yes I’m old enough to have done ‘O’ levels) so when did I start beating myself up about it all?! I think it started when I became self employed, there are so many amazing writers around and it’s all there for us to see on social media etc and so much to compare ourselves to.

So from this day forward I am going to blog more, write more, share more and remember it’s ok to be me because I’m perfect as I am, I make mistakes, I’m human. Here’s to celebrating our individuality!

I would love to read your blogs so please do share them with me.

Tracy xx