Help yourself to more sales….

At Cre8 we’ve been helping business owners grow their businesses for the last six years, and what really stands out about the successful ones is how they focus on helping, and also how grateful they are for everything…..

Let’s face it, if you’re a positive, friendly and helpful kind of person, it’s very likely that people will be drawn to you, and will want to work with you, recommend you and help you.  That’s just one benefit of helping, but the biggest benefit of helping is that in helping, selling is done naturally, without selling!  Let us explain!

When Julia was returning from Zante in the summer with her two boys, as they sat on the plane, getting ready for take-off, they realised that Toby had left his ipod on a chair in the airport! Eeek!  Julia stopped an air hostess, to ask for some help….the lady’s response was quite amazing and in fact the captain AND the whole crew went out of their way to come to the rescue….calling security, locating the ipod, keeping the plane waiting, announcing the delay, and finally reuniting Toby with his ipod that they really had not expected they’d get back.  The whole team’s response was so helpful, that Thomson Holidays sold themselves without even trying to – they didn’t TRY and sell Julia’s family anything, but in helping, they showed themselves to be brilliant, people who’d go the extra mile, leaving a lasting impression that will not be forgotten.  The lasting impression was one of supreme kindness, the first air hostess had directly addressed Toby, asking him not to worry or be upset and promising that the situation would be resolved.  Kindness really does take so little to offer, and has a big impact that cannot be underestimated.

We have the opportunity to do this every day in our businesses, to be helpful, kind, go the extra mile. We don’t need scripts or pitches, or ways to objection handle. We just need to go out of our way to do the best we can and help wherever we can.

In any given moment, if we look for the ways we can help, we are naturally selling ourselves and people will want to buy.