Help! I don’t know how to use LinkedIn!

Over the last few weeks we’ve met a lot of people who aren’t using LinkedIn and say they’re not sure what they’re doing.  Yes, LinkedIn is changing but much remains the same. Many of our contacts, and target markets, ARE using LinkedIn.  So if you don’t find a way to get in there and get involved, you are potentially going to miss out on valuable opportunities.

So here are our three top tips.  We’re keeping it short and sweet

  1. Make sure you tell people how you can help them.  People aren’t especially interested whether your job title has Director in it, but they are interested in what you can do to help them. So tell them, clearly and succinctly.
  2. Connect with people who you meet at networking, and connect with people who you want to target.  When you connect with people you want to target, not all of them will connect.  That’s OK.  When someone does connect, wait at least a month, and then send a friendly message, something that briefly explains what you do and says you’d love to have a conversation.  If they’ve got any interest they will respond. If they haven’t that’s OK too.  When you meet someone at networking, and you just put the business card in a pile, this is not helping you to build a relationship.  Keeping in touch does.
  3. Write blogs and articles posted on LinkedIn.  Note that the blogs should be aimed at helping people, not selling to them.  If you aim to help people will want to read the blogs, if you’re selling to people they won’t. The benefits are numerous.  Number one you will be helping your SEO organically, by posting relevant material that Google sees as pertinent to your business.  Number two you will be positioning yourself as an expert.  Number three you will be increasing your profile views and visibility.  Number four you will be helping people and who doesn’t feel good about doing that?

If you’d like any more help with LinkedIn or any other aspect of Lead Generation, please give us a call on 0121 347 6601.