Getting past the Gatekeeper!

Not the dreaded Gatekeeper?! This much feared and maligned creature, who in reality is just a person, doing their job, protecting their boss. But if we need their help to get to their boss, just what are the best tools we can employ to do this when we’re making sales calls during a telesales campaign?

  1. Stop treating them as the enemy. You may have read some of our other posts about mindset, and it’s important to think positively about the person, the call, the conversation. If you go into it with the idea that they’re your adversary, you’re in a battle, and that’s getting no one anywhere fast.
  2. Be real, authentic, genuine and honest. Gatekeepers are people. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Allow the gatekeeper to see who you are and they’re likely to want or at least be willing to help you. Hiding behind any kind of façade will give you the opposite result.
  3. Do not use any sales tricks or gimmicks. Trying to side step the gatekeeper by using any tricks will just create problems for you both. If you create problems for the gatekeeper they’re not going to want to help you at all.
  4. Rather than trying to “get past” a gatekeeper, see them as your bridge to the decision maker. Like bridges, gatekeepers have an important role to play. Without them you’re left splashing about in the water not going very far. Give them the respect they deserve and this will be returned to you. Gatekeepers often have critical information about good times to call, the best way to introduce yourself, what’s going on in the business at the moment that could be relevant, and who the real decision maker is. This is an important person we’re dealing with here, so treat them as such.
  5. Build a relationship. Find out how you can help them help their boss – that’s their job after all.
  6. Don’t apologise for the fact that you’re making a sales call! You have something that can help their boss, that’s why you’re calling. Ensure you remember this and keep helping them at the forefront of your mind.

We love Gatekeepers and employing these ideas during our telesales campaigns always helps us immensely. If you’ve found it useful or have any questions do get in touch.