How not to disappear…

Reading the BBC news article on their website about the controversy surrounding Google and its battle with data watchdogs got me thinking.

In the article the BBC’s Economics Editor Robert Peston cites one of his blogs going missing from the Google search engine. One day it was there and the next day it wasn’t. A lot of this is about links and history, but things simply disappearing from Google?  Who’s in control?

So many businesses in today’s information age have gone from neglecting to have a website, to totally relying upon it, paying thousands for SEO to ensure they’re top ranked and come up first every time.  Google can change the rules at the drop of a hat, and that money can be straight down the pan……exactly that happened to us.  We all write blogs and articles and post them diligently to drive traffic to sites, and ultimately pennies to our pockets.

So what do we do when the Google magicians wave their magic wands over our material and hey presto…..there’s nothing left?  Well, it’s a question of routes to market, and not relying on just the one, not relying on any.

The only way to be remembered, apart from dancing on tables whilst slightly inebriated with your knickers on show (that’s never happened to us), is to ensure you have at least five routes to market, ideally 10. These routes to market form your sales and marketing strategy, you operate them consistently week in, week out. It sounds quite boring. Even more boringly I will say that in addition you still need to TALK TO PEOPLE. TTP for short. Yes, we need social media, yes we need websites, we need Google search engines to find us because we write scintillating content, we need a whole host of other things, but none of it removes the need to keep things nice and simple. TTP.

Well, I would say that wouldn’t I?

Oh, and you need to be good at what you do, but that bit goes without saying.

You can read the full BBC news article on their website, here –