Dealing with challenges

“I’m fine, yeah really busy, everything is good”.  It’s the standard response we all give, asked about life or business, but is it always true?

Around 3 years in to the business, we suffered some serious peaks and troughs in work levels and wondered at times where the salaries were coming from.  We’ve had numerous personal challenges just as everyone else does.  I’m pleased to say that we’ve put this behind us and now continue to thrive.  It doesn’t mean life is not without challenges, we all face them. It’s your mindset and your values that will make the most difference to how well.

Taking responsibility and letting go is like walking a tightrope.  Balancing the two – refusing to blame conditions or circumstance, refusing to let them define us, means we are in our own power and can choose not to play the victim.  We have always chosen power, but power is very different to force. This gives us the strength to carry on when things are hard.  But it also means accepting that some things, many many things are beyond our control, and we have to let go of what we can’t change.  It means we don’t beat ourselves up, or blame ourselves. We look at where we can take responsibility and change, and where we can’t, and we accept that.  Then we can make the best decisions and be powerful beyond measure.

Force is when there is struggle, should do’s not want to’s and pushing to make things happen.  If we let go and pay attention we can manage challenge far more gently.  All of this is underpinned by our values, how we value ourselves and how we value others.  Are we willing to accept that we are great, or is there a little voice full of doubt?  If there is, we can promise you, it’s possible to change it.  Believe us because we’ve done it.  We’ve had many challenges we didn’t know if we could overcome but they have actually helped define us and hone our values, and we see them as gifts.

What’s this got to do with sales?

We love this video about Ginni Rometty who is the first female CEO of the tech giant that is IBM. She talks about her journey and a defining moment in her family’s life when their dad abandoned the family at her tender age of 16. What her mum did to ensure their survival and her steps from that moment has taken her to where she is now.  It’s well worth a watch.  As a sales and marketing company with around 50% of our clients coming from the Technology sectors, we see how few females there are at the helm in this industry, so Ginni’s story is an inspiring one.

We’re going to be running a personal development group once a month on Friday mornings, to share what we’ve learnt with our team. We have a happy team and we care about that happiness, so the best gift we can give is to share the wisdom that’s been gifted to us.  We know our Account Managers achieve great results for our clients because they’re working in a happy and stress free, positive environment.   If you’d like to come along to this, or to meet our team and have a cuppa, please get in touch on 0121 347 6601.