Are Your Customers Getting What They Really Want?

A few months ago I changed hairdressers. It wasn’t that they weren’t doing a good job, they were, and the the team were lovely. The products they used were the best on the market and the tea and coffee was aplenty, but…I had been visiting said salon for a few years and when I first starting going there they asked me what I wanted and they did just that, happy days 🙂 So what was the problem? The problem was that they stopped asking me what I wanted, they assumed that every time I went in I wanted the same, I didn’t!

Now, I’m a person that likes change, I embrace it and I had got bored of my hair always looking the same, so what did I do, I changed hairdressers to one that a friend had recommended.

This got me thinking about business and how when we have those initial meetings with our clients we’re eager to please – we ask them what they want and we do just that, but, do we take the time to ask them if their needs have changed?

We have regular reviews with our customers, it’s good for relationship building and it means that both parties are comfortable in highlighting areas that aren’t working or where things need to change. We don’t always get it right but we do our best!

Our top tips for staying on top of the game are;

  • Talk to your customers, nothing beats a conversation! Ask them regularly if they’re happy with what you’re doing and if the answer is yes then great. If it’s a no then you have time to change it before they decide it’s time for them to hop off and work with another business who is offering something shiny and new.
  • What’s new out there? Things are changing rapidly in business, keeps your eyes open, you don’t want to get left behind.
  • Spend time listening – to your marketplace, your competitors, your customers. To really know what your customer wants you need to actively listen and notice things. How many times has a sales person bombarded you with information, a lot of which just doesn’t feel relevant to you? If we listen we know what our customers really really want 😉