Change your mind set, change your results

In sales and in life (we do say this a lot!), mind set plays a big part in the results you’ll be experiencing. Go into a situation with a particular belief or desire and you can be sure that will impact the outcome, whether it be positively or negatively.

How many times have you really wanted a sale, and this wanting has altered your behaviour? Looking at it a different way, how many times have you been totally relaxed about the outcome of a sale, and it’s landed in your lap without much effort at all? Stepping back, letting go and getting out of your own way can be the easiest way to great results.

Here are some easy and practical ways to do this.

Observe your thoughts – what do you believe about sales, about yourself, about success? Once you are aware of any limiting beliefs, take note of them, and move on to the next step.

Choose positive thoughts – replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Tell yourself “I am achieving X”, “I am calm and confident in my results”, “I am successful and generating X per day”

Let go of the outcome – remind yourself that whatever happens it’s OK. Sometimes no’s are best – disqualifying a prospect who is not going to work with us but is taking up our time, a client saying no that wasn’t the right client anyway. Trust that the right results will come at the right time and relax. Being comfortable and relaxed allows you to be yourself in your communications, and this is the best way to sell!

Use your imagination – another term for this is visualisation – many of us struggle with the concept, but if you tell yourself to imagine, it suddenly becomes easier! Before an important meeting or call, imagine yourself achieving the outcome you desire, and specifically, imagine how that feels. Spend some time with that feeling and….

Have fun – enjoy every day, every moment. Choose to enjoy each call, each conversation you have in your day of selling. Happiness is infectious, studies have proven this, and people buy from people they know, like and trust. If you’re happy this makes it very likely that people will want to get to know you, and ultimately do business with you.

Help others – make this your ultimate goal. If you go into your sales calls or appointments with the goal of helping people, this allows you to let go of the outcome for yourself, and enjoy helping someone else. Who doesn’t love helping? This gives your prospect or client the very best possible service, and they will love you for it, which in turn will give you the rewards you seek.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful, if you’d like any more information about using your mind set to generate great sales results please get in touch.