Bums on seats and a pipeline of leads….

We know a lot of business owners who’ve tried telemarketing and appointment making and found it very difficult to get a worthwhile return on investment. Typically these kind of businesses are operating in competitive markets where they’re either competing against an existing relationship, or the prospects receive A LOT of cold calls from their industry so they’re hard to win over.

A successful lead generation strategy is still essential to growing a business, so what do you do if some of the more traditional methods don’t work?

One way of working is by sharing valuable information. This can be done by running free workshops, or webinars. A workshop that involves some free information and networking holds a lot of appeal for a busy business owner, combining two activities in one. It gives you the opportunity to have a group of relevant people in the room, position yourself as an expert in your field, and start the process of building a relationship and your sales pipeline.

If this kind of strategy appeals, here are a few things to consider:

#1 Is your target market likely to attend a free seminar/event?

#2 What would they want to get from the event – once you know this you’re on your way to knowing what message to send out about it and what you should cover during the event itself

#3 Book a suitable venue with good transport links and parking and that is situated fairly centrally in the area you want to target

#4 What time of day will appeal to your audience, some people prefer mornings, some evenings, so think about your targets and how they work

#5 Give yourself enough time to promote the event, typically 2-3 months ahead is a good timescale

#6 Platforms such as https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/ are great for promoting the event, and you can then share the link regularly across your social media platforms and website

#7 Talk to people about the event; plan a list of targets, call them, tell them what they’ll get from the event and send them an invitation. Nothing beats a conversation

#8 As you get nearer to the day, plan your event management carefully. Things like calling with reminders, connecting on LinkedIn, researching who’s coming, can make a difference to the results on the day

#9 And lastly our golden rule, on the day, always think about helping not selling. Make sure your content leaves the attendees impressed at your knowledge and wanting more

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