Asking ‘is it convenient?’ – why it’s important to ask permission

There are some questions you can always consider it imperative to ask when making calls to a prospective customer. For us these are considered to be the basic rules of making sales or any calls and normally go like this;

    • Introduce yourself to your prospective client with both your full name and the company name.
    • Check that it is a convenient time for you to speak to the prospective customer by asking;

“Is it a convenient time for me to speak with you?”
“Have I got you at a time that is convenient to speak?”

By taking this approach from the very beginning, you should make a positive impact with your introduction, and you then have permission to continue.

If it is not convenient and you try to force the issue you are likely to alienate the prospect and lose their interest immediately. If the prospect informs you that it is not a convenient time go straight ahead and apologise, asking when would be a better time. By asking the customers permission, you are letting them know you are listening, you value their time, and that you care and understand that they are currently busy. You’re then able to book another time to call, when the customer should be able to listen to you with more ease. Do make sure you value these opportunities and call back at these pre-arranged times, as doing so demonstrates that you keep to your word and this begins the all important process of building trust.