Are you standing out from the crowd?

I recently went out for dinner with friends to a well-known restaurant that’s part of a chain; what I loved about this place was its uniqueness. Even though it was part of a franchise group, it stood out, it offered something different. Now, I have eaten in said chain before, in a couple of locations, but this one was different. They offered separate menus for Vegans, Gluten-free menus and their children’s menu didn’t consist of something and chips. My experience is that there are a usually a few offerings at the bottom of the menu for non-meat eaters and under 16’s.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this? (If you’re interested I ordered the Jambalaya and it was delicious). My point is this: what are you doing in your business that makes you unique? We can all be followers and stick with what we know but to be different makes what we offer that little bit more special.

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Here at Cre8, we do something that we feel makes us unique, and that is, the calls we make for our customers and our business are conversations, not sales calls. We don’t pick up the phone and try to sell! What! I hear you cry, but you’re a sales company, how can you not make sales calls?!

The calls we make are conversations, they’re about building relationships, finding out if potential prospects have a need for our customer’s products and services. If they do the conversation continues, if not we thank them for their time and move on. When our team make the calls we’re friendly, we ask if it’s convenient and most of all we are ourselves. We wouldn’t dream of using tactics or cheesy scripts and we love what we do. We feel that makes us unique.

What do you offer in your business that makes you unique and are you articulating it?