A simple look at what branding really means, in the real world…

A client recently asked us what we meant when we talked about branding. It’s a good question, since branding can be put into different contexts it’s always worth clarifying exactly what is being discussed. Is a brand just a logo, is it a perception, is it awareness of a company?

So this is what branding means to us, at Cre8. We think about branding all the time because this matters when you make telesales, telemarketing, or indeed any type of telephone call. In fact branding really matters in the context of any and all marketing activity you are undertaking.

Let’s say that today you want to make a call to an organisation you want to do business with, and this company have never heard of you before. You want to start off with an initial introduction, followed up by sending some information, and you want to build on the relationship until they are ready to say yes to a meeting, and hopefully doing some business together.

We know that people buy people, and on emotion, not logic. Branding, marketing and sales, to us, are all about a transfer of “feelings”. You’ve got to be able to convey feelings, top down, back to front, and front to back, through your logo, your website, your flyers, your social media profiles, what you say and what you write. Leave no stone unturned, you’ve got to make sure that your brand is consistent and congruent in every area.

Let’s make this easy. We’re mums. We’re not one type of mum today, a different type tomorrow, or different at breakfast to how we’ll behave at dinner. We sing silly songs in crazy accents and our kids know we do it and hate us for it. We’re not giving it up so they have to live with it and they accept us, perhaps unwillingly but that’s the brand. When we tell our kids for the seventh time to pick up their plate and put it in the kitchen, we’re being consistent, and we’re going to be consistent about the same thing tomorrow. We’re not Nigella one day and Ronald McDonald the next. Well, that bit is debatable but hopefully you get the point.

Branding is about showing who you are, how you do things, why you’re great, what you care about, why people should buy from you. Your logo needs to scream your values, your website needs to reflect your personality, your flyer needs to show people who you are, as well as what you can do for them. If you do this well, it means that whatever way you choose to communicate today, people will understand you, they will get to know you. They won’t be confused or unsure about who you are because each time you communicate it’s the same set of messages, albeit done in different ways. They will begin to recognise your brand!

Once they recognise your brand, you’ve sparked brand awareness, you’re building a relationship, and you’re on your way to doing business.

When we make telephone calls for our clients we take the time upfront to really delve deep and understand their business and what makes them tick, why and how they do what they do. We get to know their brand so we can embody this during conversations. We represent them, we show who they are, we allow people to get to know them. Research suggests it takes over 7 points of contact before someone new will do business with you. Will you make it easy for clients to get to the real you, or do you cover yourself up underneath a business façade? Metaphorically speaking, of course, it’s time to take the robes off and show who you are. Branding matters however you make sales for your business, it’s simple if you’re ready to be real.