8 steps to get your data ready for sales campaigns.

We’ve done it ourselves, bought a list of data, and cracked on with calling it, perhaps looking up the odd name on LinkedIn here and there, without properly looking into and researching the companies.  But we absolutely know, that lists need to be properly researched and planned to have the best campaign possible.

Here are the steps to take to get the list ready.

  • Before you do anything, make some decisions.  What sector do you want to target?  Why? Is it profitable?  Will it be hard to target?  Is the sales cycle long with this industry?  Do you need to submit tenders?  What geographical area?  So you have clients all over the UK – when you’re selling cold to new leads, they’re likely to prefer a local supplier, so sales campaigns may benefit from being more regional, this may vary of course. Do some head scratching, preferably with some of your team or some trusted colleagues, to make sure you think it’s the correct option.
  • Buying data or creating a list?  How many companies do you want to target?  It is very often sensible to start off with a small, well put together list, that is manageable in terms of the work taken to target it and the leads that may arise from it.  Buying data has a place, but often creating a list is more effective and cuts out the necessity of time wasting calls, therefore saving you money and time in the long run.
  • Use LinkedIn to find suitable names.  Find names that you have a chance of getting through to and that are relevant decision makers for your product and service.  The more specific you can be the better.  Many companies these days have a no names policy, so if you haven’t got a name, your call is going nowhere.
  • Check out the companies on the list – this is particularly important if you have purchased the data.  There will definitely be some who aren’t good targets, and you want to remove these.  You may wish to credit check the companies,  find out any interesting news about them or follow them on twitter or LinkedIn to see what they’re posting.  These days there is so much you can find out with a few clicks on a keyboard, and it can make all the difference to your campaign.
  • Call and clean the list before you do any sales calls.  By this we mean call and check you have the name of the correct decision maker, and obtain their email.  Clean it to the best of your ability and then….
  • Send an email.  Send something useful, some help, that will showcase you as an expert in your field.  By doing this you are warming your list up.
  • Once this has been sent you can start making sales calls.  When you start making sales calls you will probably find that more research, emails and calls are required for some of the companies – you won’t always get it right first time. At Cre8 it’s our goal to never leave a piece of data at a dead end, until you are qualifying it out as unsuitable. Always find a route in, until you say this is a definite no.
  • And remember, statistics show that a prospect will say no four times before they say yes, so don’t give up!