3 things you can do, easily, to help you make more sales.

It’s always the simple things isn’t it.  We have a tendency to over-complicate what is often very simple indeed, and sales is no exception to this.  There are books galore with sales techniques, bursting at the seams with ideas.  Nothing wrong with that!  We know that we don’t know it all, you never can in sales, or any other industry.  But at Cre8 we have 3 core values at the heart of the way that we sell.  If you work with these 3 core values selling is easy, and natural, and fundamentally something you can do without thinking too hard about technique.

  1. Be yourself. There is no point hiding behind a business suit, a façade, a script.  When we hide ourselves we unintentionally create barriers that hinder our success.  People are going to buy from YOU, so it stands to reason that to do so they must be able to see, hear and feel who you really are.
  2. Be honest. It’s a good idea to be up front and direct about why you’re calling and what you want.  It serves more than one purpose.  Firstly, if you’re been honest, it starts to build up the trust that you’re going to need.  If you’ve snuck your way onto the call or are doing anything else that is less than honest, you’re going to come unstuck without this trust later.  Secondly, the prospect understands what you want and can either give it to you or not, as the case may be.  This makes the call / sale run more smoothly, and also saves a lot of what can be wasted time.
  3. Stop selling and start helping. This really speaks for itself. Find out if your prospect has a problem that you can solve. If they don’t you can move on, if they do, find out how you can best help them.  People know when we have their best interests at heart, and they like us for it.  In turn, we love helping, so it’s win-win all round.

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