Is success just around the corner?

picture1Last year Cre8 launched what we call our #netwalking group….you may have seen some of our other posts about this. Netwalking is networking whilst out walking; fresh air, proper conversation, building great relationships, all topped off with a lovely pub lunch at the end. These events are now well attended, with double figures and some very interesting people coming along. But they didn’t start out that way!

We have long walked in Clent, for business and pleasure, feeling that the great outdoors can give rise to more inspiration and creativity, and this love for walking coupled with our love of properly connecting with people over more than a business card, gave rise to the netwalking idea. After 3 initial events however, we began to doubt ourselves. Whilst the idea was met with great enthusiasm by many, the first events had only a handful of people book on, and we wondered if it would ever take off.

So, when we postponed one netwalking event late last year due to low numbers, we sadly discussed not holding any more. And then, yes, you guessed it! Suddenly large numbers of people expressed an interest; everywhere we went, people were asking to come! It was just the encouragement we needed to carry on, which we did, and have not looked back since. At our last event we had a wonderful group of 12 with some fantastic feedback, and we’re so glad we didn’t give up.

It has certainly been a strong message for us and got us thinking about how easy it can be to stop doing something that is just on the verge of producing good results. Any sales and marketing activity can take time to gain traction, so it’s very important to give any activity or idea enough input before shelving it. Of course there are some activities that we try, that don’t produce adequate results for the cost or effort, and these need to be measured so we know what to stop and what to continue. Success in sales does take some courage and persistence, to not give up, to keep going in spite of challenges or doubts. Sometimes it can require some encouragement, from your team, your colleagues, or your inner voice. Do you give up, or keep going? What activities are you not giving enough input to? Because you never know, success could be just around the corner.